[sixcol_four]Smudge Sticks Large (approximately 8 and a half inches) Small (approximately 3 and a half inches)

Smudging is done with our desert grown white sage by lighting the tip of the smudge stick and stoking it with a feather.

This is a Native American ritual that goes back many years. Smudging is done to cleanse away negative energy and to assist with staying balanced and feeling grounded.

It smells good, and makes you feel good. Try it, you’ll like! [/sixcol_four] [sixcol_two_last]




[sixcol_four]Onyx Carved Pocket Size Dolphins (approximately 1 and one quarter inches)

The Zuni Native American Tribe believe that the spirit of the animal is stored in their carved onyx animals.

The Dolphin’s spirit represents the following:  Breathing, Calm, Trust, Loyalty, Spirit of Friendship and Playfulness [/sixcol_four] [sixcol_two_last]




[sixcol_four]Tingsha Bells (approximately 2 and 1 quarter inches)

Tingsha bells are cymbals that are used by people of the Tibetan Buddhist faith as well as non-Buddhists. These cymbals may be rung as part of rituals and ceremonies, and are often used during prayer and meditation.  The distinctive sound or tone of tingsha bells are often find on many new age meditation and relaxation tapes.

Tingsha bells create a tone that is often used to clear the air in a room. They may also assist with focusing the mind as they balance the energy. They are often used in meditation as an aid for relaxation and reaching higher levels of enlightenment.

Toning is also extremely therapeutic and can aid in concentration of breath. Toning uses sounds for the purpose of release which allow the natural flow of energy to move through one’s body.

Toning is a technique that relieves mental stress by immediately returning the brainwaves to a alpha  state. Toning  assists with creating links to our personal  identities,  in order  to become more  true  to  our authentic selves. Some feel that the voice is the muscle of the soul.  [/sixcol_four] [sixcol_two_last]



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