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Moms, balance your giving to others by giving to yourself. Let Wellness First discover the right tools for your healing and customize your program.

Moms, start living a balanced, joyful life, and manage your stress through Lisa’s fun, relaxed approach. Learn self-care strategies and make small shifts for big life results.

Mary Ann, a busy mom of two young boys, shared this nice shift after only one workshop experience;
“Thank you Lisa, for the workshop last night. I slept great for the first time in years.”
Kind regards, Mary Ann

Lisa’s healing techniques include:

  • Kai Integrated Fitness Classes & Wellness Workshops
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Also called Tapping
  • Energy Balancing/Reiki – Certified at the Master’s Level through Beaumont Hospital’s Integrative Medicine Program

Leave The Caboose Behind

Part of your life journey is realizing you no longer need to be the caboose. Take your rightful place in your life, and chart a new course:  Simply click on our services and fill out our intake form to get started.


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