I recently participated in a wellness workshop with Lisa and learned more about tapping and Reiki. I work in a stressful corporate position and often find myself up at night with insomnia. I started using a breathing technique and also the tapping or EFT method that Lisa taught us. I have to say, I sleep better than I have in months and I’m continuing to enjoy the benefits of not only using these stress techniques before bed, but throughout my work week. I am actually enjoying my career more and feel like I am managing my stress better than I have my whole life as an adult. Thank you Lisa for sharing from your heart and making stress management fun instead of a chore!


I have had 3 wonderful experiences recently with Lisa. During the extremely rough winter, I attended her SAD Workshop where among other things, I learned how to do belly breathing and tapping to reduce the stress and anxiety I was experiencing. Chair yoga was my first experience with yoga and was very relaxing but invigorating.

Reiki is something I’ve heard about and was a little leery to try but I trusted Lisa and I am so glad I followed through. After just one session, I can truly say that it has made a big difference in my overall attitude, outlook, productivity and energy level. It’s a subtle change, but what’s really been interesting to me is that after the fact, I will realize that I just easily dealt with a situation that would have caused me some angst before, or I may have not even dealt with it – and that has happened a number of times since my first Reiki session.

Don’t ask me to explain how it all works but the experience is very calming and well worth it. I continue to do my belly breathing and tapping each day and I’m looking forward to my next Reiki session. Thank you, Lisa!

Jill Feeney

Private family workshop scheduled by a woman for herself, her two grown daughters and 15-year-old granddaughter. Note written from one of the daughters who is a working mother of two young children:

Thank you Lisa, for the workshop last night. I slept great last night for the first time in years.

Kind Regards,

Mary Ann

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